Friday, November 22, 2013

Five On Friday

It's time to link up with Darci again for Five on Friday! With no further ado, here are my five on Friday photos!

I have really had the craving for some BBQ chicken on the grill, so Monday night, I made some. Daddy J had to work until about 7, so I took the liberty of preparing the chicken and getting it on the grill. It cooked wonderfully and I made sure not to burn it too bad. 

See that nasty blister on my thumb? Yeah... well, in addition to the absolutely delicious chicken wings and drummettes I made, I gained this little buddy on my thumb. Bummer. I was pulling the chicken off the grill and one of the wings with the BBQ sauce on it hit my thumb and the hot sauce coated my nuckle and sizzled it a little bit. Wow! That was a killer burn! The blister finally popped on Wednesday and it's looking much better now. I think I am on the mend.

 Who's washin' dishes? Yep, J-Man loves to help wash dishes these days. This was Tuesday after our taco dinner. We do have a dish washer, but my good pots and pans get hand washed and he loves to grab his stool and help scrub a dub dub.

Who's getting a daughter and a little sister?!?! This family!! We are ecstatic and couldn't feel more blessed. I have had an inkling the whole time that this one was a girl, but I surely didn't want to get my hopes up and when the ultrasound technician told us she was 95% sure it was a little girl and she saw nothing to resemble a little boy, I had a couple of little tears in my eyes (of joy of course). J-Man is still wanting a little boy, but we are working on him. I know he will grow to love this little girl as much as he would if she were a boy. We are definitely excited about getting ready for her arrival in April. Oh, and to start it off, I will be attending our VERY FIRST mother/daughter event this weekend with her, along with my mom.


Who says its too early to watch Christmas movies? Well, J-Man has officially started watching today. To start, he watched The Polar Express. I have now learned that he is NO fun to watch a movie with (that he has already seen) - he talks all. the. way. through. It's a bit frustrating. He has to tell me exactly what is happening at the point it is happening. Does that ever end? We'll see...


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  1. You forgot (four). You have 2 (threes). I love finding mistakes in your blogs. Doesn't happen very often though.


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