Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Whispers = Whiskers
Baben Soup = Bathing Suit
Fruton = Crouton
Pasanya = Lasagna


Friday night, Daddy J and I were sitting on the back deck and J-Man was hitting a baseball with a bat like you would hit a golf ball and each time he would scream "Meeshak!". I guess that was his version of "FOUR". Daddy J and I both were wondering why he was saying Meeshak. I asked him what he was saying, just to make sure I was getting it correct and he clearly said exactly what I was thinking. I asked him if he knew who Meeshak was and he told me very matter of factly - "He was in the fire and didn't get burned." Like, duh, Mommy. Daddy J asked why he didn't get burned and he said, "Because Jesus was with him." I asked him who else was with him and he could say Abendigo, but he had some trouble remembering Shadrack. Once I told him, he said the three names over and over and over.


Sunday night we went to a pool party and just before we were getting ready to leave, the owner of the house has a dog that apparently hates the water. We were discussing how the dog got in one time and swam across the pool as fast as he could to get out. They told us that it kinda looked like he was trying to walk on the water. To that, my J-Man said, "Like Jesus, and Peter, James, and John and Andrew. They were fishing."

He still amazes me with what he is learning these days!


  1. You forgot gobbles for goggles or whatever he says.

    1. I KNEW I would! Shucks! :) I am sure there are many more I am forgetting too!


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