Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another Round, Please?!

Yes, I’d love another round of a pillow, freezing cold sheets, a blanket, and a fan.
Ha! You thought I was going to say another round of the cold stuff. Nope, fooled ya!
The sheer excitement of being pregnant is wearing a little thin. Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to have the opportunity to be “mom” again, but the symptoms are sinking in. Nausea? Nope. Constant urination? Not really. Constipation? Not yet. So, “What then?” you ask? Sleepiness. Constant need of some shut eye. To the point of not really wanting to do anything. at. all. Other than sleep.
I daydream about laying in my bed falling asleep.
This desire is really kind of terrible, especially while trying to work. I did get up and walk around the office yesterday to get the juices flowing again. Today, it is too close to quittin’ time. I am going to go for the long haul, if I can. It is so quiet here today. You would think it was a holiday.
I guess I will remain positive knowing that all this work growing ears, eyes, and a nose will definitely make one tired... I mean God rested too! At least I am able to get out of the bed AND brush my teeth without hurling over the toilet every day. Crossing fingers it will stay that way!

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