Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Spring-Like Saturday

A morning with tempuratures in the mid sixties means that we are able to spend some time outside. I had to work for a few hours but J-Man sure entertained himself. That is one thing I love about that kid, he does play well by himself. However, you better be ready to play with him when he asks... because he doesn't ask often. Most of the morning started off with Rescue Bots...

That picture appears blurrier and blurrier every time I look at it. :(
Yes, I believe he now has every Rescue Bot that was made, and he is asking for the fire and police stations now. Grandma has her eyes out on radar for them. Oh, I sure wish I could have taken a picture of how J-Man dressed himself today to go outside. That... was just hil-ar-rious! Maybe I can capture one of those another time.

After Rescue Bots, J-Man and Bocephus spent some time outside playing. I was still working, but the few times I checked on them, Bocephus was just chillin' and soakin' up the outdoors and J-Man was digging in the dirt or throwing balls in the yard. Just a few moments where I was glad to be able to watch him without him knowing I was looking. I just sat back and smiled. He is getting so too big. Time is flying by too fast.

I was finally able to get off the phone and out of my computer for work and I grabbed my camera and went outside. I took a few pictures but J-Man really wanted me to play ball. So we rolled a ball back and forth on the deck. After he got tired of that, I took a few more random pictures of him. This one included:

He did change his clothes because he was too cold with what he had on originally. :)
Oh, and he wouldn't let me just take all the pictures... he had to take some as well. I got a few random ones of the deck boards and the grill. Then, he wanted to take a picture of me. I think he is going to be quite the photographer. :) Hopefully he will get a better model for his pictures though. :\
I guess that is as good as it gets when I am still in my PJs.
Then, it was time to play with Bocephus for a little while. I kept calling his name but he would just simply ignore me. That happens often. I wish I had the tone that Daddy J has - let him speak, and Bocephus jumps! Then after a few minutes, I had just the thing that would get him motivated! One word you don't say out loud in my house is PRIZE. Unless you want a doggie all over you, drooling, begging, and nudging you to go get him a prize (treat). I wish I had a video camera for this, but I since I didn't, this series of pictures should suffice:

1) "You said what?" "Are you sure you said 'prize'"? 2) "Oh, here I come, you better be ready" 3) What are you doing, lady? Aren't you going to go get the prize?" 4) "Please?!?!"
Bocephus finally got his prize and we were all happy again. J-Man decided to hammer some of the nails back down on the deck for a little while. Then he pretended he was painting the deck with his hammer and his spit. Oh, the imagination. I absolutely love days like this! Happy Saturday to all of you!

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