Monday, March 18, 2013

Like Father, Like Son

Ever feel like there is something you want to write about but something else just keeps filling your mind?

No, not "writer's block".
You have words to write, just not the words you intended.

That very thing happened to me yesterday. The thoughts that were filling my heart and mind overpowered what I really wanted to post about and my fingers followed my mind. Maybe you, as my readers, really needed to see those thoughts.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:"
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Today, count yourself lucky because I am going to hopefully let you in on what I was going to say yesterday.

I arose early to look over my Sunday School lesson one last time. It was around 5:15 or so. Very shortly after I started my review, I heard J-Man get out of his bed. This was VERY unusual for him as he rarely gets up in the middle of the night. He couldn't see the light that I had on either. He went to the bathroom and as he was walking back to his room, it hit me.

I had to cough!

I assure you that I didn't want to make any noise, but it was killing me to keep it in. One of those where your eyes start watering because your throat is iching so bad for a cough! And... out with it.

He heard me... of course.

He rounded the corner. "Mommy, I didn't know you were up!", he gleefully shouted. Yes, that's right, gleefully. Like... he-had-his-full-night's-rest-and-was-ready-for-the-day, glee. My first thought: Oh no, buddy! It is waaaayyy too early! Before I could say anything, he calls my name as if he wanted to ask me a question. I answered him and he proceeded with his question, so innocently, "You know what?" "What, son?", I answered. Are you ready for it? "We should have cleaned my room last night! It is a m-e-s-s!" Not only did he have the cutest facial expressions, his fingers were so adorably pointing back to the direction of the his bedroom.

In that moment, I could only chuckle under my breath. I surely wasn't laughing at him but I came to realize my son is his daddy's child. Just as I was about to get up to take him back to bed, he started up again.

"The rocking chair room is messy too. We should have cleaned that too."
"... And the living room. It is messy too Mommy."

I really laughed out loud then. I couldn't hold it in any longer. After letting him know that we would work on getting it picked up soon, we headed back to bed. I told him he needed to sleep a little longer to make sure he got the best rest for church.

What a way to make a mommy smile!

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