Friday, March 15, 2013


Welcome to Between the Chapters! I am so glad you stopped by. Take a moment to grab your favorite coffee (or tea, if you prefer) and settle in to enjoy the stories of our life. I know you have heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, right? Through the stories posted on this blog, you won’t have to only see us from the outside; you can enjoy what really happens day-to-day for us – inside our lives.
Who are we? I am glad you asked!
 Let me start by introducing the man of the roost – we’ll refer to him as Daddy J.  Daddy J thinks he has some pretty thick skin (and most days that is a true statement) but he has such a tender heart on the inside. He loves to spend his time cherishing his family, watching cop shows, and learning everything about history he can (especially war history). He also loves to be busy with improvements around the house to make our new house home. He is my Martha Stewart but a very manly version. He definitely has some OCD quirks about him and even though they may aggravate me just a bit, I love him from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe he is the half that makes me whole. You know what is really awesome about him? He knows Jesus Christ as his Lord and is leading our family in the best way he knows how.
As for myself, the lady of the house, I will be called Momma J. I love taking pictures, spending time with my family, and having days of rest and relaxation. I wish that I had time to scrapbook more often and hate that I battle weight issues. However, I love my life and every part of it and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Wait, I do desire to be a better money saver, but that is something I can definitely work on for the future. I do consider myself a musical person as I enjoy playing the flute. I often attend musicals with my mom and love to sit and listen to a pianist play. I sing in my church choir and love to belt out songs of worship and praise in the shower and in my car.
Of course, we would not be called Daddy J and Momma J if it wasn’t for our little J-Man. He is our four-year old pride and joy. He loves to laugh, go to the movies with his Grandma, spend the night with Nana and Papa, and play on PePa’s swing set. He loves to play games on the iPad and search for new ones to buy as well. I am so glad a password has to be entered to purchase things through iTunes or we would be in trouble! Right now he is really into Rescue Bots (Transformers) and watches the TV series on Netflix every chance he gets but as the weather is getting warmer he loves to spend time outside as well. He enjoys playing with his friends at daycare, church, and down the street. He is also a big sponge that loves to take in every bit of information and knowledge he can.
I just have one more member of the family to introduce and that would be Bocephus. He is our four-legged family member and has been with us for nearly 8 years. He loves to play outside, go for walks, and drool for our food. Silly dog! He is the best cuddle buddy and guard dog. He enjoys having visitors over and he gets especially excited when they come to play with him! However, most of the time, you will find him sprawled out on our bed or curled up on the couch.
So, that’s a really short synopsis of “us”. Life around here can get crazy at times but we just take those precious moments in and cherish every second. Please come back to visit soon and again, thanks for stopping by!

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