Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Nation

On this National Day of Prayer, there are so many words of praise that I have been lifting up to the Lord. He is awesome. He is great, mighty and just. His ways are perfect and his blessings for you and me are more than I could have ever imagined.  His guidance through the daily events of life is freely provided. It is humbling to know and recount the life Jesus lived and His sacrifice for all of us. We are so not worthy!
Through all of this praise, though, is the constant and earnest prayer for our nation – the United States of America. What trouble we are in! We have turned our backs on God and Satan is in the midst of a hay day. How did we get so far to the left – so far in sin? How have we become so distant from the God that our forefathers founded this nation upon – the God that just wants us to keep His commandments and desires the most personal relationship with each one of us? Daily I hear of current attempts to belittle or take away that religious faith called Christianity in all aspects of this nation. Most recently – a move to court marshal any military personnel who profess to have a Christian faith.  
It burdens my heart deeply to see the actions taken by people of all walks of life in this nation.  Political leaders, religious leaders,  Hollywood,  the ordinary person whom you may call your neighbor or even a close family member are all taking steps away from where this country should be heading. We, as Christians, need to take a stronger stand. We need to bow down on our knees daily and cry out to God about this nation. Request His help.  Help that only He can provide.
I love being able to call America my home. I am grateful for everything God has blessed me and my family with. However, my heart aches for those who could care less for these same blessings; those who would rather claim the wrath of God than to be on His side. I, honestly, am appalled that those same people are bringing so many others down with them – forcing such immoral ideas into everyone’s lives. We need to stand up and love those that are hurting without God. Love them just as God loves each and every one of us as Christians.
I hope you will take a few moments to lift up a prayer for our hurting nation today. Tomorrow. Every day.

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