Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Weekend

To start this past weekend off, J-Man spent Friday night with his Nana and Papa. They hadn't seen him in a week or so and I knew I had a cake to complete that would take some time, so off he went. Friday evening, Daddy J and I spent some time together. We had dinner and ventured out to see a friend's house that is being built. Their floor plan was adapted from ours so I wanted to see the changes that were made. Daddy J and I still like our plan best. 

I had already had the opportunity to bake the cake that I had to decorate, so when we finally got home that evening, I iced the base layer and drew out the picture on top before heading to bed for some rest. All of that took two hours. I haven't really ever counted the hours that pass while I decorate cakes and I got a rude awakening this weekend when I did an official count.

This cake was definitely one of the more difficult ones I have done. However, for this little girl - it was worth it. I did her first and second birthday cakes as well so her Mommy is a repeat customer. They are always great to do. Saturday, I started up again at 6am. Made the icing and colored it. Twelve colors to be exact - shown here and I had to make two more to finish it! Whew! I wanted to take a picture of my kitchen to show you the disaster that I make when decorating cakes, but I just couldn't. It is quite embarassing.
The finished product - Dora and friends - Swiper, Boots, and Bennie the Bull. Haleigh was pleased when she saw the cake and her mommy almost cried. I told her she better not - I didn't want to cry too. However, when I got home and saw the catastrophe in my kitchen, I was pretty much in tears anyway. I will say I am very glad J-Man wasn't there. After spending 2 hours Friday night on the cake and another 6 on it Saturday, I realized that I wouldn't have ever gotten it done with him here.
In a few moments of down time this weekend, I did take some time to go bird watching. However, I didn't have to go very far. A bird has taken residence above one of our outdoor speakers and has apparently recently laid her eggs. I have watched her sit on the nest for what seems like hours lately. One day very soon, I hope to get a taller ladder so that I can snap a few pictures of the inside of the nest.

 I am so glad spring has finally sprung. It is nice to be reminded of all the new life that comes with the new season. I enjoy taking moments to sit on my back deck and watch birds, look at all the new greenery in my backyard, and feel the warmth from the sun and the cool wind from the breezes. Gentle reminders that God is awesome through his creations. That he is the ultimate provider of life.
And last but most definitely not least! A "woo-whoo" moment occured this weekend. If you don't remember me mentioning J-Man's chart, you can read all about it here.

He received his 10th sticker this weekend!
Can I hear a "YAY"?!?!

I am so proud of him for working so hard on this. I am glad that we don't have to fight over trying to go. What is even better is that we don't have to worry about tears much any more. He just ventures to the bathroom when I tell him he needs to go try. This is such an improvement from two weeks ago I am glad the chart process is still working!

So, before church tonight we made a trip to the dollar store. It had to be this specific one. I am not sure why, but last week he told me this one was the one he wanted to go to. I didn't dare try to go to an actual dollar store - where everything is a dollar. Sometimes we, as moms, just have to choose our battles and that battle was not one I wanted to fight.
It didn't take too much time to find the toy isle and they really didn't have much to choose from. The first thing that caught his eye? Handcups (or handcuffs for those of you that don't know J-Manese). This set of "handcups" even had a set of keys. I was a little hesitant on those - only because I could see the keys getting lost and someone with handcuffs around their wrists and not being able to be freed. So, I quickly offered - "Are you sure that is what you really want? Did you see this really cool Iron Man and Captain America?" As he was getting ready to look at what I was looking at, he noticed a transformer... and that is what he got.
He told me next time he would get the handcups.

Today started his next round of ten stickers and so far, we are on the right track as he was able to put one sticker on his chart this evening!


  1. Go J-Man! M has finally decided to start potty training. She's shown interest off and on since 18 months, but now has officially started her training. And successfully too, I might add. Here's to getting excited over pee and poop! :)

  2. That cake is over the top awesome. I do believe it is the best you've ever done. Haleigh is one luck little girl!


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