Thursday, April 4, 2013

Throw-Back Thursday

I have an Instagram account and I often see pictures from the past posted from others on Thursdays with the hash-tag #TBT. I finally figured out what it stood for, so I am going to start doing it on my blog. It was fun looking through old pictures and remembering things that happened just a few years ago. I really wanted to use a picture of Daddy J so that all of you could see J-Man's resemblance to him, but I don't have a good picture. I will have to dig into his mom's photos one day soon. However, for this Thursday, this is what I came up with...

Just taking a picture...
Trying to find the Cheerios he picked up from his tray.
He LOVED bathtime at this age!
These were all taken in April of 2010 when J-Man was just over a year old. He was such a darling baby. I remember often wondering what he would look like at age 5 and we are quickly approaching that time. He really has changed so much but so much of him is still the same. I love this little man and I really don't know what his daddy and I did before him.

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  1. He was so chubby! I don't remember that. Maybee it's just the way he was sitting. You could also post some pictures of you.


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